A Somber Time

The numbers are still coming in, but last I heard on TV was that there were 32 tornado touchdowns in the area. Four are dead and 40 injured from the Boy Scout camp just south of here. There are people missing, search parties out, the National Guard has been activated. The hospitals were on full disaster alert, treating the injured. The helicopters were bringing in survivors. The line at the Blood Bank was over a block long as people ran to help. The Siouxland Blood Bank will be open 24 hours; one official estimated more than 500 people will donate blood tonight. Over half of Iowa is already considered a disaster zone due to flooding, now this…

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5 thoughts on “A Somber Time

  1. D A

    With family (and many dear friends) scattered throughout the midwest, but particularly clustered in eastern and north-eastern Iowa, I keep an eye on Weather.com to know what’s going on. So far everyone I personally know is well, but I know it’s a huge mess.

    Please know that everyone is in our thoughts and prayers. We may live in New Mexico, but Iowa is still home.

  2. Bluzlover

    Old Mother Nature can be a mean one. Once again we realize how precious life is. Your son or grandson goes to a camp and a mighty wind takes his life in a matter of minutes. We need to live like today’s our last day on earth…it just might be.

  3. SkylersDad

    I have been watching the news and hoping that things will dry out and the weather will get better for all the Midwesterners. Such a terrible time there.


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