The Radloffs

The world can be a rather difficult place at times… This little spot on the Interwebs is simply my way of talking my way through the pitfalls. Nothing grand, just mental meanderings.

Chris Radloff, 2013

Chris, 2013

My name’s Chris. Yay! I was born and raised in Northwest Iowa, am an Eagle Scout, have a degree in History, spent eight years in the Iowa Army National Guard, worked a zillion years as Art Director at a small print shop, started my own merry little freelance company (HippieBoy Design) doing design and photography, was recently inducted into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame (much to my surprise), and now do motion design work from home in order to care for Beloved Wifey.

Dagmar Kopacs-Radloff, 2008

Dagmar, 2008

Beloved Wifey is Dagmar… She has a bit more interesting background than I. She was born in Vienna, Austria, and was raised in Innsbruck. She and her mother moved to Sioux City, IA when Dagmar was in her early teens. She has degrees in International Business, German Language, and Social Work, the latter being her passion. Throughout her life she’s lived in Vienna, Innsbruck, Imst, Sioux City, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Moorhead, Templin Germany, and now lives in a very rural area on an acreage ten miles from the nearest town, Akron, IA. She worked with the mentally disabled and mentally ill populations for decades before being forced to quit due to illness. Though she’s a very positive, upbeat, happy, caring, and understanding sort of person, the frustrations of constant illness, pain, the isolation that comes with immune system disorders, and not being able to work in her profession do sometimes take their toll.