An Austrian What…?


In and amongst the various groups I associate with is a group of motorcyclists in the Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota area that rides together very occasionally. We keep in touch mostly through Yahoo Groups, a fancy e-mail list.

I have to admit, I haven’t been real active in the group the past few years, but I still thought I knew most of the people. My wife Dagmar (who grew up in Vienna, that’s important to know) and I do try to go to at least one or two of the group’s functions every year, so we’ve met just about everyone in person at one point or another. Anyway…

In an e-mail to the group I mentioned that I couldn’t attend a rally in a few weeks because “my beloved Austrian Snickerdoodle is having an operation.”

One of the guys wrote back, “I’m sorry to hear about your puppy! I hope he’s better soon. I’ve never heard of an Austrian Snickerdoodle. Is that a hunting dog?”

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