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Life in Iowa

As I mentioned in my last post, there were 30+ tornadoes that touched down near Sioux City last Wednesday night. Thankfully my family and friends are all okay as far as I can tell. Sadly there were four casualties, all Boy Scouts, and there are still people in the hospital.

The flooding that’s in the news hasn’t hit us yet. We’re on the West Coast of Iowa. Sioux City straddles the borders between Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Most of the heavy flooding is in Eastern and Central Iowa. It’s sure causing a lot of damage… I shudder to think what this is going to do to the price of corn and soy in the fall.

Stolen from Steakbellie

I just got back from a quick trip to Steakbellie’s blog. He has a link to a very powerful comic site. He said he got to page 2 before he choked up and had to quit. I made it to page three, barely. I’m going to have to finish it when I get home so I can cry in peace whilst reading it…

Go HERE. Read slowly. Think of the people, the emotion.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. KatzeKitty

    I read in the paper that corn is over $7 a bushel already. A year ago, farmers were cheesing over the $4 a bushel they were getting, partially due to the ethanol plants going online.

    Of course, between the flooding and ethanol, the cost of all products will rise. You’d be amazed at the products that are made with corn (corn syrup is in just about everything).

    So, make that economic stimulus check last, kids! You’ll need it.

  2. steakbellie

    Yeah as soon as I hear Scouts and Iowa, you’re the first one I thought of.

    The news showed and annimation of the torando running straight down a valley and their cabin and tents in the path.

    I really feel horrible….


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