My Oh My


I don’t know if many family members read this, but Pops had back surgery Monday night, then again on Thursday night. Turns out he developed a blood clot in his spinal column from the first procedure. The clot cut off some pretty major nerves, but the second surgery (to remove the clot) was successful. So it looks like Pops will be okay. They don’t expect there to be permanent nerve damage (though it’s still a possibility), but it was kind of a rough week… He’s still in the hospital, they don’t know when he’ll be able to go home.

Unfortunately, I think I picked up a bug whilst visiting Pops. I feel rotten. Icky icky icky poo.


I finally had the option to switch to the new blogger. So I did. This is it. So far I don’t see any major differences (other than labels), but I haven’t poked around in the software’s innards yet either. If anyone has any problems reading my blog, please lemme know! I’m not sure I’ll be able to fix it, but at least I can be anxious and upset… So far I agree with Common Iowan – it seems easy to use and stable indeed! I really like their “g-mail” style spellchecker! The only glitch is that Blogger has e-mailed me some 23 messages saying that the transfer was complete, and I’d like to find a way to delete the AdSense module (in the past year of having ads on my blog I’ve earned less than a penny)…

On a related note – if anyone e-mails us at our regular e-mail addresses and doesn’t hear back from us, please don’t think we’re uppity or anything. It’s just that we get so much junk mail (well over 200 messages a day in one account) that some of the “good” mail is getting deleted by accident. You have my sincere apologies, but I really don’t know what to do, other than to encourage “real” people to use my gmail address when they send stuff to me. G-mail has an automatic filter that seems to be pretty reliable. I think. Maybe.

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One thought on “My Oh My

  1. SkippyMom

    My Best to your Dad…I see that he is out of the hospital now [from reading backwards] but I hope he stays okay and the blood clot is worked out…

    and you? Get better already! heehee

    Big Hugs!


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