Oh good gosh…

Blogger Blues

Bah! Yesterday I wrote a post. I was happy. I didn’t write anything earth-shattering, just the usual drivel, but it made me happy to get something posted. With something bordering on glee I pushed the “Publish Post” button and sat back to watch all the little letters I typed go out to the world…

But they didn’t go. I waited. Nothing. The little “Blogger Triangle” just sat there, looking at me, saying “0% Published.” I minimized the window and went back to work on something else.

Twenty minutes later I went back to the Blogger window. It was still at 0%. So I hit the “Back” button and tried to publish the blog again. Same result. This happened four more times over a three-hour period, all to no avail. I finally gave up, noticing that five copies of my post were in the “Drafts” section.

Pops had back surgery last night (thankfully it all went well — more details in another post, maybe), so we were up at the hospital for eight or nine hours. There was a computer kiosk in one of the waiting rooms, so I thought I’d give the blog one more chance. I logged in, noticed that there was a new section in the log-in page telling me I can switch to “New Blogger” at any time. That made me happy! I want to switch! I’m tired of having “Old Blogger” misplace my posts on a regular basis. I then went to the “Drafts” section, pulled up the post that wouldn’t publish, and gave it another try. Five seconds later my post was indeed available to the world. Oh giddy glee! I toyed with the idea of switching to the “New Blogger” there in the hospital waiting room kiosk, but I decided to wait.

By midnight we were home again… After winding down for a few minutes, I decided to check to see if my post had indeed been published. It was. EIGHT TIMES. Gah! The same post, over and over and over again… With something approaching consciousness, I went to Blogger and managed to delete all the copies out of my “Drafts” section with my tired, clumsy fingers — unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they’re still on my blog, making me feel like an idiot.

This morning I hopped out of bed after four and a half hours of fitful sleep and eagerly ran to my computer, lukewarm coffee in hand; I’d been dreaming happy dreams of finally being able to switch over to the “New Blogger.” Maybe if I switch I can get rid of the excess and embarrassing posts! I can finally try the new features! Maybe I can post more photos! This is going to be fun!

Fingers quivering in excitement I log into Blogger. The announcement saying I can switch to the new version is gone! It’s not there! Waaaaahhhh! Now I’m stuck with five or six copies of my last post on my blog, and I’m all disappointed. Bah! Drat! Gosh darn it…

I hope THIS post goes well!

On the MUCH brighter side…

The doctors were happy with how Pop’s surgery went last night. The one with the funny accent (Australian?) said that improvement should be “dramatic.” By the time the nurse shooshed us out of his room late last night he was squeezing hands, wiggling toes, and making sense when he talked. I’m happy!

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  1. Anonymous

    I switched to new Blogger over the weekend and I love it. It posts a lot faster and I like that I can tag my posts by topic.

    I had a lot of the same problems with old Blogger and it is very frustrating.


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