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Completely Random Half-Thoughts

Snow = Mud in Potentia

Winter is a vicious greedy thing, ripping the leaves from the trees, sucking the warm lazy days away, turning the rushed sun to a tiny ball of bright pain reflected myriad ways from ragged snowflakes, pushing days into hours and nights into weeks. 

I’m Puffyman!

The doctor e-mailed me my medical records the other day. “Overweight,” it said, with “Dietary Counseling Recommended.” The same day the veterinarian said both my dogs are overweight. The pups seem offended when I call them pudgy. I can see them laugh at my jiggling belly when I brush my teeth, though, so they deserve it. But they still seem a little miffed that we’ve cut their food portions back – I can tell by the way they keep pointedly trying to lick the leftover Halloween chocolate off my quivering, sugar-jittery hands…

A Comparison

I don’t like to watch old TV shows because they remind me of my own mortality. I can’t watch M*A*S*H without thinking how young Hawkeye looks, and how old Alan Alda is today, that many of the actors have now passed away. I can’t watch the original Star Trek without comparing the actors’ ages with my own and unconsciously trying to figure out how old they are now, wondering which of them are still alive… How young was I when I first saw this episode? It depresses me somehow.

I don’t like to watch new TV shows because they’re crap.


Sometimes I think my dogs bark just to get my attention. Can’t they see I have Facebook?

When it comes to art…

You need to know what the rules are so you can break them properly.

A Wednesday in Late October

Thank You To…

Apple Computers

I’d like to do a big shout out to Apple Computers for making me change my AppleID password so often that I have absolutely no clue what it is. I’d also like to thank them for making me remember my iCloud password at random times even though (as far as I know) I don’t use iCloud.

Adobe Software

Adobe Software has won a special place in my heart for allowing a breach of security and having my financial information stolen – and not telling me about it for five weeks. Now I have a new credit/debit card, new numbers to memorize, and I have to go reconfigure ALL my monthly automatic withdrawals… I’m happy they told me, and I’m happy the bank gave me a new card. But I’m unhappy that it will take me hours and hours to get everything sorted out again – time I don’t have.

A Good Day

Had a photo shoot this morning, and a consulting “gig” in the afternoon. Heading off on the bike to Sioux Falls with some friends to see a band. All in all a rather successful day!

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Whines of the Day

I keep planting birdseed, but all that comes up are weeds.

I hate that I often base my designs around the limitations of my Internet speed. If there are any Iowa politicians out there – WE NEED INFRASTRUCTURE OUT HERE. Our only options were WildBlue and We went with WildBlue because they swore up and down they’d triple the speed and lift the usage limits “sometime in the first quarter of 2011.” We’re still waiting.

I hate how everyone complains about Verizon’s cell phone service, yet Verizon does nothing about it. It’s amazing how “the acreage you’re buying is right in the middle of a strong 3G coverage area” turns into, “we’re sorry, we’ve never had good coverage out there” as soon as you sign on the dotted line…

I’m not happy that my blogs aren’t showing up in Facebook as notes like they should. I realize that both Blogger and Facebook are free, but shouldn’t they work as advertised nonetheless?

I hate that my Internet Service Provider makes me use an outdated version of a browser I don’t like, because “all the new stuff they released doesn’t work with our system.”

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My opinion on this:

An e-mail I just sent to John Boehner (R), Speaker of the House of Representatives:

Mr. Speaker,

Please, I ask you to work for America. We need to get the budget under control, and that means raising funds. Please follow the President’s lead and close the tax loopholes on the very wealthy and those who own their own jets. I realize that paying taxes on a private jet, much as I have to pay taxes on my Toyota Yaris, can be a hardship, but it’s one that most average Americans bear with grace.

We have the lowest tax rate of any industrialized nation, and the lowest tax rate in America since the 1950s. We NEED the revenue that could be raised by closing tax loopholes on the wealthiest of our citizens.

I ask you, please work for America rather than for the Republican agenda. I’m asking the Democrats to end the partisan bickering as well. To be honest, both the Republicans and the Democrats are acting like self-important fools. Those of us who live in this fine country are counting on all of you to get your act together and do your jobs. Please, work together on this issue.

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Back in the Saddle

Facebook’s out, at least for now. I’m done messing with it for a while, and I’m going back to my first love, blogging. If you’re seeing this on Facebook, that’s simply because I have an automagic feed set up from years ago to publish my blog posts as notes on Mr. Zuckerberg’s Wondrous Money-Maker. If you’d like to see the original blog posts with photos and everything, just go to and click on “Blog.”

There are myriad reasons why I’m going to go back to blogging in lieu of Facebooking, but the main reason is that I’m simply fed up with arguing with people who are strong on opinions but weak on facts and logic. I hate to say it, but I’m feeling kinda, well, bullied into silence. Whenever I’d say anything remotely political on my wall I’d get hammered – often with arguments no more sophisticated than a regurgitation of yesterday’s FOX opinions*. I’m not sure whatever happened to “free speech” in America, but it seems I’m having problems with it…

Don’t get me wrong – everyone is entitled to an opinion. The problem is that I find myself wondering if everyone SHOULD be entitled to an opinion. To use an extreme example, when a professor studies politics and history, he reads books, studies philosophy, dig into the backgrounds of political thoughts and movements, has a grasp of political trends and shifts throughout history and what the consequences of those trends have been. I’d be more apt to listen to his opinion than that of someone who no education, no background in history, who gets his ideas from the talking heads on television rather than from his own study, whose political views are more a reflection of their personal insecurities than of a broad worldview… Yet on Facebook both are given equal time.

I’m tired of everything being an argument. I’m tired of having people think their opinion is fact. I’m tired of people believing their opinions mean more than facts. Especially when I take the time to look up the facts and be sure of them before opening my mouth. Most of the time.

Not too long ago I posted a plea for compromise on Facebook, a call for Democrats and Republicans to work together for the betterment of the United States. Oddly enough, people argued with me. There’s a knee-jerk reaction to fight violently for “your side,” be it progressive or conservative. People forget that “your side” and “my side” are one and the same – America. The divisiveness is instinctive, and increasingly worrisome.

An example: my wife and I were talking to an eleven-year-old boy the other day about professional football. He liked the Vikings, thought Green Bay was okay, but when my wife mentioned she used to watch the Washington Redskins when she lived in D.C., the boy jumped to his feet angrily. “I would never want to live in Washington,” he said. “That’s too close to that Barack Obama.” Hatred flashed in his eyes. Hatred from… what? Where does an 11-year-old learn to hate a politician? It would be a rare 11-year-old to hold a truly informed opinion about such matters. I’m glad the boy is aware enough of his country to know who the President is and seems to be interested, but I’m sad that those who are teaching him seem to be teaching him instinctive party division rather than independent, critical thought.**

As much as the political divisiveness and partisan bickering bothers me, I’m just as bothered by my perceived notion of how Facebook etiquette should be handled. Personally, I split my postings between personal and political. When I posted political gunk, most of the time I simply posted a link to some tidbit of information or opinion I thought interesting. Once in a while I’d post an original thought, but those have been increasingly rare as I have little stomach for argument these days. It seems that people have no problem hijacking a thread on my wall – posting argument after argument, comment after comment. Personally, I dislike that. When I see someone else writing or linking to a political thought, I may comment once – rarely twice. I try very hard to be concise, state my position, and be done. I respect that the other person may not have my ideals, and aspire to not argue. In a way I feel it’s akin to being invited to someone’s home – if my host states an opinion, I’ll politely respond with my opinion. Once. Unless invited, I don’t pursue an argument in someone else’s house. When I’m in my own home, I feel quite free to air my opinion – until I get the feeling that my guest doesn’t share my opinion, at which point I generally restate my position quickly and change the subject. (There are, of course, exceptions – I feel free to argue politics politely with some friends, but most of the time I really try to be sensitive to “enough is enough.”)

So, for the time being, I’m done with Facebook – for the most part. I’ll keep up my business’ page, and I’m sure I’ll comment occasionally via my phone. But I’m not gonna lurk. I’m not gonna argue. Enough is enough. Feel free to comment on this note in Facebook, but please don’t expect me to respond. If you’d like to comment on my blog, again, just go to and click on “Blog.”

*Did you know that FOX News is banned in Canada? They have laws against people lying on TV. It came up for a vote not too long ago, and the people of Canada overwhelmingly opted to keep the law as it is rather than let a FOX-style news show go on the air.

**Would I have been equally upset had he jumped up and said, “I’d love to live in Washington – I might be able to meet President Obama”? No, probably not. While no President is deserving of blind devotion, all Presidents are worthy of our respect. Except maybe… Well, no, even Taft.

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New Digs

Well, it’s been two weeks since we’ve moved to our new house out in the country. By now I’d hoped to have photos to show y’all, but we still don’t have Internet access, other than our cell phones. Wish us luck!

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