2 thoughts on “Some Photos

  1. Bob

    I really envy where you live. I want to move into your neighborhood. Mine is boring. If someone buys a picture of the tractor, do you have to run after the guy in the tractor and give him money?

    1. HippieBoy Post author

      I love living out here! I grew up just four miles down the road, my father grew up just two miles from here.

      A million years ago I took a bunch of photos of Riverssance, the local Renaissance Faire, and posted them here on my blog for folks to see. I got a phone call a few months later from someone who rather rudely told me to take the photos down. I never want to cause waves, and I felt a bit threatened, so I did delete the photos, but after that I did some research on what can and can’t be photographed. Turns out a photographer can legally photograph and sell a photo of anything he can see as long as he’s not trespassing. Most photographers will get model releases from folks if they plan on selling the photos, but it’s not legally necessary (think of all the paparazzi selling photos of stars). Of course I didn’t flag down the tractor to get a signed model release from the farmer, but if I made any significant money from the photo I’d track him down and give him a cut. Sadly, though, no one has ever bought one of my art photos. Ever. Not one. *sobs quietly*


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