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What am I doing here…

My wife tells me I don’t make bad coffee. I make coffee very well. I’m just poor at choosing what coffee to make… (I like generic stuff, to be honest. I’m not picky.)

Hippie’s Hint of the Day:

Take three pieces of leftover frozen cheese pizza, stack them together, microwave for two and a half minutes – LASAGNA!

One of Life’s Disappointments

I always assumed that by now I’d understand what the song “Judy in Disguise with Glasses” means. But it still makes zero sense to me. Disappointing.


I just bit my tongue. It seems like a silly design to me, putting the tongue right there by the teeth. There’s gotta be a better way of doing this…

3 thoughts on “What am I doing here…

  1. Veg

    Dag is right. GOOD COFFEE, ALWAYS. 🙂

    Have you ever done that thing where you’re eating something so tasty you’re chomping away, ecstatically, like a cow on the cud, and you suddenly chomp down on the side of your mouth? OUCH! Tears flow and blood and next day you feel like there’s a small golf ball in there? I HATE THAT. Did it yesterday.

    There, I got that out.

  2. HippieBoy Post author

    I know! And what sucks even worse is you can’t show your owie to anyone… If someone would come up and bite you in the arm you could show the scar off for years, but bite yourself twice as hard on the inside of your cheek and no one wants to see it… Unfair.


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