Blah blah blah yadda yadda etc.

Motivation = Zero

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of six or six and a half million things that ABSOLUTELY positively NEED to be done RIGHT NOW! And all I want to do is overeat and take a nap, preferably at the same time. (It can be done. Trust me.)


I love indoor plants. I absolutely love seeing how people can transform a room into an indoor garden, bringing the feeling of summer indoors year-round. Feeling the tranquility and calmness of a summer’s day in a person’s living room in the middle of winter is a wondrous thing.

Us? We have one plant. His name is George.

Sadly, I tend to over-love plants and kill them. I love them so much I want to pinch their little cheeks and water them six times a day and move them constantly so they’re always in a patch of light…

So far George has avoided this fate. I’ve forced myself to be very hands-off with George, letting him find his own way in the world. (I assume Beloved Wifey is watering him. I hope.) We got George in Sioux Falls last summer after one of Wifey’s myriad doctor’s appointments. He looked so happy sitting there in the entryway of a health food store (I bought some organic popcorn) that we just had to have him. He rode merrily home in the back seat of the car, looking out the window at the passing scenery.

I hope he’s happy.

Le Sigh

I’ve only gotten three small projects finished so far this morning. None of them are for paying customers. No wonder we’re broke.

I just don’t feel well today.

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