Oh for goodness sake…

Please, when you see a funeral procession, pull over to the side of the road. Please. And please do NOT try to cut through the procession, no matter how much of a hurry you’re in…

I just saw a news snippet that a soldier in Tennessee died. During the funeral procession to the cemetery, which included the Patriot Guard Riders, some lady tried to cut through the procession, putting a motorcyclist in the hospital (and most likely totaling an expensive bike).
Motorcycles do NOT stop or turn faster than cars — especially when they’re in a funeral procession.
I’ve had this nearly happen to me here in Sioux City, too. If you’re so busy you need to cut through a funeral procession to get to where you gotta be, it might be time for you to take stock of how you’re living your life.
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5 thoughts on “Oh for goodness sake…

  1. katrocket

    Terrible! Isn’t it against the law to interrupt a procession? There’s motorcycle cops at the front and back, managing traffic — but perhaps this is because I live in a big busy city with tons of traffic? (and idiot drivers!)

  2. A

    Don’t know if this is still common anywhere, but when I was a kid, if we were stopped at an intersection and a funeral was going by in front of us, we’d turn off the car, get out, and respectfully stand until they passed. Did anyone else do that? Maybe we should start. ESPECIALLY for a soldier.


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