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1. I’m happy Mrs. Sotomayor got confirmed. It seemed like the only thing the opposition could find to oppose was one statement she made fifteen years ago. Lord help me if people would be that picky with ME. From what little research I’ve been able to do, she really does seem to be a level-headed and reasonable judge.

2. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler fell off a stage at Sturgis and broke parts of himself. How awkward. I hope he didn’t break a lip.

3. I support health care reform. Some friends of mine are unhappy with a clause in the bill (the one about “end of life counseling” or something like that). Don’t trash the entire bill, let’s just get that silly clause removed. Health care costs keep rising, but our level of care keeps diminishing. I know MANY people who have been denied coverage due to “preexisting conditions,” which is BS. Dagmar and I switched insurance companies a while back and it cost us (if I remember right) $800 to be covered for TWO DAYS while the paperwork for the switch was going through. The company had a clause in the fine print that if you were “uninsured” for any length of time, you weren’t eligible for their insurance, so we had to pay a full month’s worth of COBRA to cover us for two days… That ain’t right. Health care costs have doubled in the past few years. THOSE are the abuses that need to be changed. Let’s change ’em.

4. It’s 8:35 a.m. and it’s already hot.

5. I understand that free speech is free speech, but since when is disrupting a meeting considered a viable strategy? The Republican party has put out word that people should go to town hall meetings and “disrupt” the proceedings rather than let others be heard. That, you see, violates OTHER’S right to free speech, doesn’t it? I understand that meetings can be volatile affairs, and that people on both sides have occasionally disrupted things, but I don’t think it’s right for the National Republican Party to actually tell people to be disrespectful and disrupt debates. It seems one step away from a mob… You wanna go to a town hall meeting, wave your sign, that’s fine. Stand across the street and chant, that’s fine. Holler a bit and have your voice and opinion heard, that’s fine. Stop me from doing the same — that’s not fine. That goes for both sides. Let’s get back to listening to each other, dammit.

6. I never heard of John Hughes until today.

7. My upload finished uploading, so back to work I go. (And thus endeth my daily break.)

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts…

  1. The Vegetable Assassin

    I snorted at the Steven Tyler lip. πŸ™‚ Poor guy. They were supposed to be here last night and everyone’s apparently all disappointed and pouty today.

    For real – $800 for TWO DAYS? Are you KIDDING me? I think I’d have said “Screw that” and stayed unprotected for two days, if that’s an option.

    You can NOT NOT know who John Hughes is. Really? I wasn’t a particular fan of his movies but he’s sort of hard to avoid. πŸ™‚

  2. Chris

    The problem with the two-day insurance was simple… If we had ANY gap in our coverage, even an hour, we wouldn’t have been eligible for coverage. So unless we wanted to go without insurance for the rest of our lives, we needed to cough up $800 THAT DAY to buy two day’s worth of insurance.

    The insurance company did NOT make a friend that day.

  3. soul pumpkin

    about the “end of life counseling”…all that means is that people will be given the means to set up a living will concerning the specifics about if they want to go to a hospital, hospice, or remain at home…the right-wing noise machine makes it sound like granny is gonna be euthenized…all of their talking points are scare tactics and outright bullshit…all current insurance plans will remain with a public option added to the mix…the insurance companies just don’t want to give up any of their obscene profits and are the ones paying to organize the disruption of the town hall meetings…

  4. Capt. Fogg

    Seems to me that because they will use any excuse to deny coverage no matter how flimsy an excuse, they’re closer to being a corporate “death panel” than anything has been since the Spanish Inquisition.


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