Corporate Greed SUCKS

Why are the insurance companies trying so hard to stop health care reform and paint President Obama’s insurance plan in a bad light? Simple. They have a lot to lose. Here’s what their CEO’s make:

H. Edward Hanway – CIGNA $12,236,740
Ron Williams – Aetna $24,300,112
Coventry Health Care $14,869,823.00
Health Net $3,686,230.00
Humana $10,312,557.00
United Health Group $13,164,529.00
Well Point $9,094,271.00

The AVERAGE insurance CEO makes between $10.5 and $14 million per year depending on your source.

If I stood to lose nearly $25 million per year like the head of Aetna, I’d probably fight dirty too! But think about it. That’s money that WE spend on health care for our families going directly into THEIR greedy pockets… They’re profiting on our misfortune. How much better off would we be if the government provided non-profit insurance coverage for those who wanted it?

Please note, I tripped over these figures on the Internet. I haven’t had time to verify them — I always caution others not to believe everything they read online, so if you have time to check these numbers, please do. If my sources were wrong, please post your findings.

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