No! No. No. No. No! No. No.

I just heard the bozos at AIG just took OUR tax money and GAVE IT TO THEMSELVES rather than use it to better the economy.

No! No! No! No!

You guys make it hard for me to keep from using bad language.

After we bailed out the insurance company with billions and billions of taxpayer money, the @ssclowns at AIG went and gave away million-dollar bonuses to their executives. These are the people who made the bad decisions that killed our economy — now each executive that helped make those decisions is walking off with ANOTHER $1,000,000 of our money.

Okay, morons — I want YOU to figure out how much of MY money went into your company, and I want YOU TO GIVE IT BACK TO ME. NOW.

Give me back my money! Give it! I’m not kidding!

I’m going to call them later today and report it as a claim. I’m gonna tell them to cough up the dough, and I quite possibly might get indignant… Here’s there contact info:

Auto/Homeowners Claims: 888-244-6163. For all other inquiries — USA: 1-877-638-4244 Worldwide: +1-908-679-3150

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11 thoughts on “No! No. No. No. No! No. No.

  1. D A

    Yes! Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes. Yes.

    Do it! I’ll do it too!

    They said they had to do it due to contractual obligations or they’d get sued. I say, get sued! There are hardworking Americans out there that deserve that money more than they do, and to think that they are somehow entitled to it shows everything that’s wrong with this country.

    AND THEN there are some in congress that have the audacity to blame the PRESIDENT – the CURRENT President – for not stopping it before it happened. I must have missed the speech where Obama admitted he had psychic Jedi powers or something.

    There is talk of enforcing tax codes that are already in place to make sure we, the taxpayers, get that money back – by taxing those bonus almost 100%. We’ll see.

    Sorry, you got me off on a rant. I’m right there with ya, dude. Let’s take a trip to NY and stand there at their reception desk until they pay us to go away.

  2. katrocket

    AIG knows they have all of you by the short and curlies, so I think this recent outrage is bound to be repeated again and again. They appear to be addicted to the frivolous spending of other people’s money, so perhaps it really will be up to you, the citizens of America, to put them in finance rehab?

    I’m rooting for ya!

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, the Dem’s are OUTRAGED! That’s why they had Chris Dodd (D-Conn) write the AIG bonuses into the stimulus package. And yeah, EVERYONE in Congress had the oportunity to stop the bonuses before they passed. But, no one wanted to read the damn thing. The public didn’t even get the 5 days (promised by the current president) to read the bill before it was passed. The Dem’s have no one to blame but themselves, and they can keep their fake outrage.

  4. Chris

    Anonymous, please leave your name if you can. It’s not good form to toss bombs, then hide behind anonymity. If you’re not willing to stand up and be accountable for what you say, be prepared that people won’t take you seriously.

    I’m not sure this is a Democrat vs. Republican issue, but if you wanna play those games, please be aware that the AIG bonuses were written into their contracts under the Bush administration — the same administration that gave AIG their first bailout.

    Far as I’m concerned, no one in either the Obama or Bush administrations are blameless in this. The greed happened and no on either side stepped up to stop it until recently. But the Obama administration is the one that’s handling it. The Bush administration simply ignored it.

    In any case, the deed is done, the mess is made, time to clean it up.

  5. Beeker

    I don’t now if they are “handling it” by retroactively taxing the bonuses they approved by 90%. My point is, this COULD have been stopped. But, the bill got pushed through so DAMNED fast, no one had time to read or react. How can you read 8000 pages in 48 hours?

  6. Chris

    Oh, hey Beek! No, no one’s blocked, but it came across as Anonymous. Sorry, it’s one of my pet peeves… I used to get a TON of “Anonymous” comments ripping me… I hated not knowing who I was talking to — at least a nickname or something.

    Anyway, as usual I think we probably agree at the core of the issue, we’re just coming at it from different angles. The AIG people were boobs and none of our elected officials did anything about it until it was too late. So NOW what do we do?

  7. Chris

    Yeah, they did the same with the Patriot Act years ago — rushed it through with so many provisions that no one could be expected to even skim it before the vote came up.

    I’ve often said that there should be a law (hah!) that says that there are no additions, riders, clauses, whatever you wanna call ’em to laws. If you’re voting on the Stimulus Bill there shouldn’t be any other goofy stuff in there. Congress often attaches really strange stuff to bills… Say you wanna vote on a bill that gives money to veterans, but some boob put a rider in there giving a million dollars to research cow snot. How do you veto the cow snot without looking like you hate veterans? That stuff really gets me upset… Any law should be one average paragraph long, in English understood by a high school graduate, or it should be disqualified.

    Oh, if only I were king…

  8. Chris

    Yeah, I suppose that whole “Revolution” thing a couple centuries back probably precludes me being king, doesn’t it…

    Ah well. I am STILL master of my domain!


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