You know…

…Sometimes I really do wish I had a ShamWow. But I don’t know what I’d do with it.

…The grass really isn’t greener on the other side. It’s not really green anywhere around here right now.

…Every now and then I get the impression that my dog and cat are smarter than me.

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5 thoughts on “You know…

  1. D A

    At least you have grass, all we have is sand; it’s like living in a big litter box.

    Your dog and cat are smarter than you. You’re the one that has to have a job to feed them.

    And go to WalMart and get a ShamWow, use it to clean up after your pets. Fair warning: the ShamWow probably stinks worse than any mess they might make.

  2. sour

    i feel the same way about shamwows. i am totally convinced i need one every time i watch the infomercial, (DID YOU SEE THAT? THE COLA CAME RIGHT OUT OF THE CARPET!) but really? would i really use it?
    probably not. maybe as a towel? haha


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