I’m so happy

I gotta brag…

I was shooting senior pictures for a young lady a few days ago, her mother tagging along. We’d gone through several locations and several outfit changes before I thought to show her a quick peek of one of the photos. “Hey, just so you know, this is what I’m doing,” I said, showing her the back of my camera. She peeked at the photo I’d just taken, then…

“Mama!” the girl yelled, “He’s making me BEAUTIFUL!”*

What better compliment can a photographer get?

*I wanted to say, “No, God made you beautiful. I’m just making sure everyone else sees,” but I didn’t.
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9 thoughts on “I’m so happy

  1. D A

    No, what you really should have said is “yea, and you have no idea how hard that is, I need more money for this gig!”

    Just kidding… I take the senior pictures for my kids, and it’s just too easy when they’re beautiful to start with (me? predjudiced? NO!)

  2. Dale

    That’s a special moment, thanks for making me smile! Now hurry up and take the damned picture, I can’t hold this pose all night!


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