6 thoughts on “Be Careful Out There!

  1. Leonesse

    That is awesome. LK would totally agree. Once, a not-so-nice commuter threw his cig out the car window, bouncing off the pavement and headed directly at LK. LK grabbed the butt, sped up, then threw it at the commuter.

    Harley Justice.

  2. Chris

    Yeah, I got hit in the forehead with a cigarette butt once. I was going 60 mph northward, the car was going 60 mph southward, so the butt hit me at 120 mph. It stung a little. Kinda brought tears to my eyes.

    I’ve heard of a biker who had a lit cigarette butt stuck in his helmet. The guy in the car in front tossed the butt out the window. It arced gently to hit the guy in the face, then it got lodged between his helmet and his neck, burning him fairly badly. I guess he kept the bike upright for the 20 seconds or so it took him to slow down and pull off the road with a cigarette burning his neck…


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