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Dagmar Update:

Some people have been asking about Dagmar. Well, she’s still ill… She puts on a happy face and goes to work every day, but it’s difficult for her, and she’s in pain. Without going into too much detail, there are abscesses, cysts, and infections involved, and any future operation is much riskier than normal due to her medical history. She’s seen a ton of doctors and specialists, and we’re optimistic that someone will find a way to make her feel better soon. So, she’s not feeling well, but she’s going on with daily life with a smile anyway. She’s one of the strongest people I know.

Airplane Ride:

After talking about Dagmar’s problems, it feels petty for me to write this next piece, but I’m really excited about it…

I got to go on an airplane! A real, live Air Force airplane!

A leadership class I’m attending got a quick tour of the local Air National Guard unit, which switched from fighters to tankers just a few years ago. By a stroke of luck, they took our class on a refueling run. Here are some photos:

The class heading to the tanker

This is what the inside looks like.
They can haul a considerable amount of cargo,
or about 50 soldiers (if I remember right).

You know how they refuel planes… they drop a big ol’ pole (boom) out the back of the tanker and the other airplanes come up from behind… This is the Boom Operator’s control panel in the rear of the tanker.

The pilots

They let us go down next to the Boom Operator while the refueling happened. So I’m on my belly next to the Boom Operator whilst he maneuvered the boom. I’m looking through the back window of one plane into the front window of another… At somewhere around 400 miles per hour.

Here’s a photo of the refueling boom just popping out of the receptacle.

Once I got done gawking out the Boom Operator’s window, I peeked out the side window.

During the landing, they let me sit in the cockpit.
I mean, DUDE! I got to wear the headset and everything.

You can see all three gazillion photos I took HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Lotsa Stuff

  1. Falwless

    These are freakin’ amazing pictures.

    I’ve kind of joined your life and blog late. Point me to the story of your wife? What’s going on? My thoughts are with you both.

  2. Chris

    Hi guys! Dagmar just got back from yet another doctor. Surgery this summer… Hopefully it’ll fix things! I’m happy a doctor is finally DOING something!

    Falwless — here’s one link from 2004 about Dagmar:
    Dagmar’s Operation
    Since then (nearly four years!) it’s gotten worse. I don’t remember offhand where else I’ve talked about my beloved wiking vife…

    Thanks for the good thoughts everyone! Dagmar does read this blog and the comments every day, so she’ll know you’re thinking of her!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Everybody,

    Thank you very much for all of your concerns and good thoughts. It is amazing to me that I don’t know you guys in person and yet you are so caring anyway. It touches me deeply. Thank you!

    My husband is an amazing man. I am very blessed and lucky to be married to him. He has enriched my life. I thank God every day to be married and know such a beautiful soul. He is my best friend. I love spending time with him.
    He is the most creative, caring, loving, giving and inteligent ect. man I know.

  4. Virginia

    Woooo hooo – wasn’t that refueling operation fun! I have had the opp to “lower the boom” on a fighter (back in AF days) and to run the stick while flying upsie down in a fighter jet too…adreniline rush isn’t it! I loved working around jets, etc!

    Thanks for the private note on Dagmar…You two hang onto each other and continue to live your happy lives… XXXXOOOOO


  5. Dale

    My best goes to Dagmar too and now I’ll read on with the link you mentioned to falwless. Awesome air force porn there too! That must have been very exciting!

  6. Dale

    Follow up note – I just read the surgery post and was impressed by Dagmar’s responses to the medical team. I’m happy you’ve got each other.

  7. Leonesse

    So sorry to hear about Dagmar. Sending good wishes!

    Now to you… wth? My leadership class involves trying to not gag on farts while in the midst of a ‘teamwork’ assignment and you get Jet Refueling? This doesn’t seem fair.


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