Dear world…

According to the Weather Channel it’s going to be 57 degrees and sunny on Saturday. I’m hereby giving you notice that emergencies and crises will NOT be allowed between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. on this coming Saturday. I have a date with my motorcycle. Anyone who wants is welcome to come along, but there shall be riding, and it will be happening Saturday.

I will gladly work 15 hours on Friday, and I will gladly work Saturday morning. I will be happy to work Saturday night once the sun goes down, and I will work on Sunday as long as it takes. But I will NOT work between noon and 6 on Saturday.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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5 thoughts on “WINTER

  1. Chris

    Oh CRAP! I forgot I DO have to work Saturday… We’re doing photos at a wedding reception. Goodbye carefree leisure time, hello work… I guess I can always ride my bike some other time.

  2. aaron

    hey, dude! just got my first computer, so i figured i’d try to get ahold of you. i’m pretty computer illiterate, so i’m not even sure if i’m writing somewhere you might be able to read my ramblings. oh, by the way, this is aaron rutledge. my e-mail is if you feel like typing back. i’m quite impressed with all your computer stuff (like i said, i’m illiterate, so don’t let it go to your head). hopefully you find the time to type back. or give me a call @ 515 448 9877 or 515 293 0204 if you feel like really talking. i look forward to hearing (or reading) from you soon.


  3. Bluzlover

    It saddened me to hear that you might not be able to ride Saturday as you had planned. Sometimes you just need to lay everything down, and live for you. Live like it’s the last day on earth.


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