5 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. The Guv'ner



    I have, on more occasions than I’d ever admit, replied to an email in my “sent” folder and sent it right back to myself.

    And I once emailed an ex-boss an email detailing what an ass he was that was meant for a coworker. Luckily I didn’t mention him by NAME and managed to delete it fast before he got to it.

  2. Leonesse

    So that really does happen!? Shit!

    My main problem for awhile was sending the email without the attachment. Yeah, that doesn’t make you look foolish… after the 3rd time in a week.

  3. Bert Bananas

    Bert Bananas and the real me email each other frequently! I think it’s a good mental health practice to stay in touch with yourself, sort of like the good mental health of actually touching yourself. I’m touched, really I am…

  4. Chris

    I think it’s healthy to keep in touch with yourself. I know I do. And fairly often at that. And yes, Bert, you are touched. Possibly in the head.

    I don’t think I’ve ever hit “send” on a message in my own in-box, but I do have the bad habit of having one e-mail account automatically forward all messages to another, more convenient e-mail account. This is fine ‘n dandy until I read a message from someone and hit “reply,” only to have the message go back to MY other e-mail account, then get forwarded back to me all over again…

    Every once in a while I’ll e-mail my buddy here at work a completely blank message — no text, no attachments, nothing. It drives him nuts. He thinks there’s something wrong with his e-mail program. “Hey, did you just try to send me something? There’s nothing here!” I’ve been doing that to him for years now.


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