Healing Run

Some quick pics…

The American Legion Riders held their first Healing Run last weekend. Man, that was fun! We raised a fair amount of money for a family in need here in Sioux City, and had a blast doing it… I’ll write more later, I promise.

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5 thoughts on “Healing Run

  1. KatzeKitty

    As always, great pics. I always think “just one more, then I gotta get back to work,” but then I think “but the next one will be cool, too!”

    I’m curious about the people standing around looking at a gray car… there must be a story there.

  2. Chris

    Hey, thanks! I like taking photos; it’s nice to hear that people are looking at ’em.

    The gray car… We had fifty or sixty motorcycles go on a 100+ mile course on a 95+ degree day. The only incident/accident we had was the one guy who drove his car… He was heading up Highway 75 when a piece of aluminum siding flew off a semi and whanged his car. Luckily the piece of siding did NOT hit any of the bikers on the highway! And it was sheer luck that this guy was in his car and not on his bike.

    So, while not a very interesting story, we all felt kinda lucky.

  3. pistols at dawn

    You take more pictures in one afternoon than I do in a year. However, this may be because you live a life worth documenting.

    My photo album would be like, “Here’s me, getting mad at the terrible plot of the movie I’m watching on TV.” “Here’s me, vowing revenge on my microwave for cooking my burrito poorly.”

  4. Leonesse

    I haven’t had a decent picture of my kids for years. The buggas haven’t brought home the picture packets since 6th grade.

    I have to grab pics of myspace to have anything. brats.


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