Some people’s parents…

Ma & Pa are famous now! Check ’em out in the news… (Here’s a photo I stole from the LeMars Daily Sentinel.)

I have a unique family… Ma’s a belly dancer. Pops plays his congas and smiles a lot. My aunt, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army National Guard, left her career in law to play trombone in the circus band. My other aunt (a retired Master Sergeant in the Air Force) just got back from the Peace Corps not too long ago. My uncle went to Africa with the Peace Corps over 20 years ago and is still there. (My aunt has a web site that explains some of this HERE.) Things are interesting when that side of the family gets together.

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5 thoughts on “Some people’s parents…

  1. pistols at dawn

    That was awesome for at least four reasons:

    1) the interplay ‘twixt your parents in said article;

    2) the advertisement for Dairy Queen on the paper’s site;

    3) Renaissance Fairs are innately hilarious;

    4) The tone of the piece, including lines like “Surely you joust!”

    I want to hang out with your family and that writer. Well played, all.

  2. Leonesse

    Seriously. I can be a wench. I’ve done it before…

    They are ever so much fun than my parents (the mother/step combo, anyway) and I like the ren faires. They crack me up.

    I used to live right by the AZ festival and HATED the traffic. It would clog up every year for miles.

  3. Virginia

    Our crazy, happy family! Mark and I are nw off on yet anotehr adventure…life in Santa F courtesy of AmeriCorps Vista! We’ll be house sitting in an old hippiedome-home with a koi pond. Life is just soooo much fun. Our Renn Faire days are behind us – Yes I was a weekend wench for a couple seasons (on the saff at the King Richard Faire in MA)years ago.

    Your Aunt Ginn
    Read my Journals:


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