Happy Days…

Mandatory Reading:

Warning – Strong Language and/or Opinions Ahead.

Please, please, please READ THIS BLOG ENTRY written by a soldier in Iraq. His entire blog is good.

I’ll write more later, I promise.

If you’re reading this on Facebook, you can see the original blog at www.radloffs.net, click on “Blog.”

4 thoughts on “Happy Days…

  1. Pixie

    I’m going to comment… Chris, if you go to the very beginning of his blog and read from there, it’s like a well written novel. If this young man is not published some day I will be VERY surprised.

    Happiness to you and Dagmar.

  2. Bert

    I enjoyed reading PFC Freeman’s entry and I’m going to keep reading him. I think he’s correct about the Iraq Adventure being a war that can’t be won. And certainly he and his commentators are correct about the crappy leadership and support The Iraq Adventurers have received. I am totally in favor of some serious changes.

  3. pistols at dawn

    I don’t know a single soldier who supports this war. Of course, most of those folks are home already, so it’s nice to see yet another, more recent perspective.


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