Aw, MAN…

Well, THAT sucked.

I just knocked a filling out of my tooth. Oddly enough I was flossing at the time… I’m going back to the Water Pick. The heck with flossing.

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7 thoughts on “Aw, MAN…

  1. soul pumpkin

    …hey Pixie, i was gonna say that…well, maybe not the clove oil…i was going to suggest wee dram of Irish Whiskey…or beer…or both…
    …hope the pain is not too severe

  2. Chris

    Clove oil? Never heard of it… What’s it supposed to do? Do you drink the stuff?

    Doesn’t hurt much at all, actually, but now I have to go to the dentist. Ick.

    I like beer. I might have one anyway.

  3. Pixie

    LOL! DON’T DRINK IT!!! (The clove oil – drink beer, lots of it). It’s kinda like nature’s anbesol, but better.

    Then again, Beer is kinda like natures anbesol too.

  4. pistols at dawn

    Here’s a tip: when you re-tell that story, you were in a barfight. And the other guy got his skull knocked off. Hell if you know how it happened, you’re just good at punchin’ stuff.


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