How interesting…

I got really bored today and Googled my own blog, just to see what would pop up. Oddly enough, I got a link to a graphic designer/photographer type guy named Christian Radloff in German. Sprechts du Deutsch? Click here.

For all my friends who moved south:

Not a lot of snow, but BOY is it cold! See what you’re missing?

If you’re reading this on Facebook, you can see the original blog at, click on “Blog.”

2 thoughts on “Things

  1. The Andersen Family

    We had about that much snow not too long ago, and we’re getting more tonight. Probably not nearly as cold as Iowa, though, it’s supposed to be back in the 60’s later this week. (Now where are my Legoons?)

  2. Chris

    Yeah, it was twenty below last night. Or so they say, anyway – I didn’t poke my head out to check myself. I think it’s supposed to get up to six today.


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