Up and Down Daze

It makes me sad.

The only thing worse than burning a vacation day in the middle of winter because you were ill is dipping into your vacation fund to pay for everyday activities.

But at least I have a vacation fund. Eighty bucks. Thankfully we like to camp…

Sioux City has rezoned part of the major road (Hamilton Boulevard) that runs within a block of our house. It seems like only hours passed between the city council (or whomever) signing off on the rezoning measure before houses were torn down. You can click on the photo to see a larger version. There are six or eight more houses scheduled for demolition.

It makes me happy.

We’re on a diet. Well… she’s on a diet, I just eat more lettuce than usual. Actually we’ve both been eating pretty healthy food lately, and I’m kinda liking it. If I’m losing any weight though, it’s very slow. Dagmar’s doing wonderfully, however! I’m proud of her!

It makes me nervous.

I’m not quitting my day job or anything, but I’ve decided to start freelancing a bit. You can learn more HERE. So if you know of anyone that needs anything designed or written or photographed, lemme know…

It makes me tired.

Here are some photos of work. Seems like it’s all I do in the winter; sit at home waiting to go to work so I can wait to go home again. I miss my motorcycle.

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2 thoughts on “Up and Down Daze

  1. Anonymous

    This may make you feel better about “progress”.


    “…Sioux City leaders cleared the way for businesses to buy land on the east side of Hamilton … last November. They also approved the first plans for developing that land. For that to happen, 8 homes have to be removed. While four of them were demolished… the other 4 will go here on Phoenix Place.”

  2. Chris

    I’m happy to hear that four of the houses are being “recycled,” so to speak. Phoenix Place is, if I remember right, a development in Sioux City where they move older homes in and set them up as low-income housing.

    Between the Hamilton rezoning, the Perry Creek project, and the Wesley Way reconstruction I’m worried that there won’t be a tree left standing within a block of the Hamilton corridor. I realize that progress must happen in order to revitalize the neighborhood, but why are they tearing down houses to build commercial properties when there are existing commercial properties standing vacant less than half a mile away? Tear down the abandoned gas stations, or the abandoned car lots, or the abandoned grocery stores and build new things there, maybe, rather than tearing down homes that were occupied.

    Ah, well… I really liked the “homey” feeling of having houses and trees alongside the road. We’ve got enough banks and strip malls.


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