I’m still here.

Really, I am. I’ve just been too stinkin’ busy to write much. Apologies – hopefully I can get back to my normal schedule soon.

We have some new equipment at work, which translates into 50+ hours per week for the lazy-at-heart hippie. The bosses went out and bought a nice four-color printing press, so there have been Heidleberg people running around for the last three weeks installing, setting up, tweaking, installing rollers and generally showing a lot of hairy butt crack that no one needs to see.

Silly me, I thought that the only ramification the new press would have for my happy little department would be that we could actually do creative work in full color for a change. Wheee! What fun… Until I found out that the new press uses plates just an inch or two longer than our old platemaker could produce. Hmmm… Okay, here comes a new platemaker, along with $40,000 in imposition software to learn. Hmmm… We had the software for about twenty minutes before we realized that we didn’t have a site license for the software, but rather one individual license, and the software was designed for dual-processor G5 Macs with OS 10.4, not our old clunkers. When I cornered the boss about it, I learned that each license costs $10,400, and they have no intention of getting us new Macs. There is no more money. So we take turns running the $40,000 software on outdated computers. Efficient. Ask me how happy I am about that. (It’s not so bad actually, but I like to complain. Just ask my wife.)

Whine whine whine waa waa. Poor me.

In any case, we have people flying in from all corners of the U.S. to calibrate the new machines next week. After that our training’s over, and all machines should be operational, and I can take a nap. I have to admit, I am looking forward to seeing some of our design work come off the new press – it’ll bring new depth to what we can do. I’m also looking forward to that nap.

Things to check out…

A few things I’ve tripped over in the past week:

The Woodbury County Democrat pointed out a must-read article in the Rolling Stone.

Birdy wrote another biting little piece that can be found HERE– it’s one of those little snapshots of Americana that you can’t shake once you read it. Watch for suggestive photos and strong language.

Steakbellie came in fifth in his hot-dog eating contest, then forgot how to eat breakfast two days later. The blog community is worried. And slightly scared.

Stalin the Shark posted a nice entry a few days ago. Go HERE and scroll down to “America’s Moral Crisis.” If your blood pressure isn’t high enough yet, read the comments.

The Iowa primaries for the governor’s race (and a few others as well) is coming up next week. New Iowan has made up his mind for whom to vote. (I’m waffling between Blouin and Fallon myself. I will NOT vote for Culver – his attack ads against Blouin showed me his character, or lack thereof. If there have been any other attack ads, I’ve not seen ’em. I’m thinking of voting for Sal Mohammed simply because he stands on my street corner waving a flag. I don’t think he knows diddly about government, but he has persistence!)

Intellectual Insurgent
went on vacation – there are some stunning photos of sea critters on her blog. While you’re there, scroll down and peruse some of her fiscal philosophies. Kinda makes you think.

If you’ve ever wondered what a car salesman is thinking when he’s foisting a rustbucket on you, just click HERE – neat stuff!

Last but not least, for those of you with high-speed, you’ll like this nifty little Yiddish lesson. Trust me.

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4 thoughts on “Honest

  1. Anonymous

    Blouin had his attack ads playing in Des Moines constantly.

    I don’t think either one is worth a squirt of warm piss, but then that’s true of 99% of everyone in politics.

    Have you heard about the sleeze ball things that have been uncovered about some of our illustrious city council members here in Des Moines. Archie Brooks is a deuche-bag of the highest order. Here is just a taste of what’s been going on down here.



  2. Chris

    The only ads we saw out here in the sticks was the attack ad Culver had against Blouin. I voted for one of the other guys.

    Yeah – we get a whiff of that whole “hand in the cookie jar” CIETC scandel now and then. I really think the fine citizenry of Des Moines should just kick the whole bunch of ’em out and start over with a new bunch of crooks, er, council members. How much money do you think they walked off with?

    Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I’ll be able to sit down and focus on a thoughtful post without a phone ringing. Things are slowly getting back to normal at work…

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think anybody really knows how bad the CIETC thing is. I know that the person running it made something along the lines of $800,000 in two years for showing up for work every day.

    When asked by the state investigating committe if she really thought she deserved that much money she claimed that ‘Why yes, I worked very hard to get to this position’. The positions I assume she used to get there don’t seem to require much hard work. Of course if you assume that position a lot you might want to bring knee-pads…. 🙂

    The sad thing is that Brooks, who approved all the bonuses that these people were paid will probably get re-elected. He produces for his side of town so they like him, even though he is a deuche-bag.

    Bah! I hate them all.

    After the primary I was trying to decide which idiot that was running for govenor was going to f**k with my life the least. Then Nussle had to open his mouth and assured that I am voting against him even if Culver is replaced by a dog on the ballot.

    Just once, I’d like to vote FOR somebody instead of AGAINST somebody.



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