Pleurisy Sucks

Cheese and Whine

Wow! I haven’t slept in at least 36 hours. Every time I roll over I get shooting, stabbing, sharp, icky pains in my chest. The few times I have drifted off, I’ve dreamt about drowning – I simply can’t inhale deep enough to get any air.

Whine whine whine.


Dagmar pointed out that yesterday’s post made her look like a control freak. “What you wrote yesterday,” she said, “it makes me look like I alvays tell you what to do. Now you march your little butt right over to dat computer and tell everyvun the truth.”

To be honest, I do have a tendency to blame Dagmar for things that aren’t her fault. Especially when I’m doing something I don’t want to do, but really need to do. Like go to the doctor and stuff like that. I enjoy teasing her by teasing the doctor.

“So what brings you in today,” the doctor invariably asks.

“My wife,” I invariably answer. ‘Tis partially the truth, but Dagmar really doesn’t tell me what to do very often, and if she does I often do the opposite anyway. So no, she’s not a control freak or anything.

Quick Links

Red Stripe Beer – Go to the American side of the site. On the Jamaican beer’s web site you can learn things like “In 1938 the light, golden, tasty Red Stripe we enjoy today is brewed by Paul Geddes and Bill Martindale. And the beautiful Jamaicans dance in the street.” And, “1962 – Jamaica gains independence from Britain. Many Red Stripe beers are consumed.” You can even watch their “Very Decent Commercials,” which are actually quite decent. Funny indeed, even. It’s hooray beer!

Talk Like a Pirate – Learn how to, well, talk like a pirate. I especially enjoy the “Ask Cap’n Slappy” column, found under “How to…” Try it. You’ll like it.

W.C. Fields Quotes – Funny stuff! Anyone who complains that “some scoundrel uncorked my lunch” makes me laugh.

Bushisms – What the president done said. Fer example, “We’ve got to get us an energy plan.” President Geroge Walker Bush uttered this during a speech in his SECOND term. Yay team!

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