Election Day!

The Day’s Events

Well, I voted. Then I went to work. At work I worked, sort of. Then I went for the season’s last ride on our pretty motorcycle, it being a very unseasonable 74 degrees and all. Then I took the bike in for winter storage… A sad day indeed. But, not having a garage door, and having had the bike egged this summer, I’m willing to pay to have it in a safe place. Besides, I’m not mechanically ept enough to keep the battery tended and change the oil and all that good stuff…

Now I’m desperately trying to stay awake long enough to get the election results. I’m most interested in our City Council and in California’s ballot initiatives. I’m really hoping California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger gets his proposals rejected. He has taken a state that was $6 billion in debt and has somehow made it worse. (I heard that on the news today; I have nothing to back that statement up with, other than “I heard it on TV so it must be true.”) An interesting fact: My lovely wife is from the same part of Austria as Mr. Schwarzenneger; she tells me that the Austrians try rather diligently to distance themselves from Aahnold. I guess they’re embarrassed by his politics.

I doubt I’ll be awake long enough to hear any meaningful results… If anyone’s interested, you can keep track of Woodbury County’s elections “live” by clicking here.

Picture of the Day

Yes, I tweaked it. I saw this little guy in Bacon Creek Park today as I was taking a break on my ride. It looks better if you click on it and look at the larger image.

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