Busy busy busy

Due to an odd combination of vacations at Record Printing (my current employer) I’ve been working longer hours lately and have been too busy to write much. (I don’t mind working longer hours, mind you, I’m just not used to it, and I wasn’t prepared for it so it’s been a little surprising. I need the money, though, so I’m not complaining.)

But, if I DID have time to write, there’d be lots to write about. Ultra-conservative Supreme Court Justices passing into the great beyond, ultra-unqualified FEMA managers getting the boot, ultra-small towns in Pennsylvania wanting to teach Creationism in science class – lots of good stuff there.

But the biggest thing on my mind is my neighbor passing away earlier this week. Nice lady. She was almost 90 when she died in the house her father built before she was born. The neighborhood is gonna miss her…

Well, time to go back to work.

(Sept. 16 – I just deleted a comment. Someone named edwarner6043 left a comment with links to his adult-oriented website. I do NOT normally delete comments as I oppose censorship and promote free debate, but this was nothing but a blatant advertisement for his rather dubious site.)

If you’re reading this on Facebook, you can see the original blog at www.radloffs.net, click on “Blog.”

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