Kudos to Terry Cantrell!

If you read my post from yesterday, you know we’ve been having insurance woes to the tune of six-hundred bucks. As I thought about the situation last night and this morning, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Terry Cantrell of Bill Markve & Associates is the person that we should hold responsible and accountable for the mess. Not that he himself did anything wrong, but as the paid representative for the insurance company, it’s his responsibility to make sure that the customer (us) is taken care of. As of the end of the business day yesterday I had the distinct feeling that we were getting the brush-off from Mr. Cantrell.

I was mistaken.

Turns out that Mr. Cantrell was indeed working on our problem, and has in fact found the error and corrected it. We’re VERY grateful that he put forth the effort to rectify the situation! People like this renew my faith in humanity! So, a public thank-you to Mr. Cantrell – we appreciate it!

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