Thoughts for the Day

It’s a much more powerful show of strength to care for the weak than it is to pity them, ignore them, or worst, use them as tools.

History gets lost one name at a time. Label your photos – it will make all the difference in thirty years.

What’s the best way to store books, you ask? Strewn about the house where one’s always close at hand, each one open to whatever page was last read… Buy books to read, not to store neatly on a bookshelf. Crinkle the pages, write in the margins, roll over them in bed, use them.

(Note – most of my books have been stored in boxes in the closet for the past ten years. I’m in the process of unpacking them and putting them neatly in bookshelves. I rarely follow my own advice… But all of my books have been read, hard, and show it.)

There are few things in life more joyous than a Golden Retriever with a toy.

I heard part of a story on NPR today about how to slow down and enjoy life, but I was too busy to hear the end of it…

One of my biggest wishes the past few years is to have one single day where I don’t get interrupted, I can do what I want when I want, no one innocently adds things to my list (“Oh, if you’re going up to get the mail can you take the garbage out, feed the birds, comb the dogs, make sure the cats have water, and run this out to the burn pile?”)…

And when that day comes, I’ll be a lonely man.

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