One thought on “Huh…

  1. Michael Springer

    We have made some huge gains after 40 years of EPA regulation. I drove from California to New York in the mid 1970. At that time the rivers literally looked like massive flows of diarrhea. Whole cars and bedsprings could be seen poking through the brown/grey sludge and the stench was pervasive. Since the enactment no river in the US has caught fire but there are lots of stuff being used by individuals and corporations that we know nothing about. Yay for our team.

    Industry leaders are fully represented by the new political wave that was mindlessly voted in on “not them” tree huggers, intellectuals, kids with asthma, etc. The only way to change anything is to hit em in the pocket book. Stop buying all the crap that is sold in our cavernous big box stores or only purchase things that are made in a way that minimizes pollution. Problem is that we may have to give up some of the stuff that we consider essential to life like tires, pavement, computers, electrical power…et al.

    We gotta problem and the people who can help won’t.


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