Zero Point Zero One

So I had to go to town yesterday. I hate that. I dislike the interruption. I’m always much happier when I can simply, you know, sit still and work. Anyway… My toe hurt, so I had to go.

“You’re still losing weight,” the doctor said, staring at her iPad. “Fantastic!” What she didn’t know is that five minutes earlier I was standing on one foot on their official weigh station like a flamingo, my coat, shoes, billfold, keys, belt, phone, tablet, pocket change, and comb piled up on the floor beside me as I stared at the digital display with an intensity usually reserved for starting fires.

“Thanks,” I said. “Last time I was here I was still classified as ‘overweight.’ I needed to get those last two pounds…” Then the doctor asked about my toe and the subject of my weight was forgotten. (I don’t know what I did to my toe, but the toenail hurt like bejeezuz for a few weeks. The doc said I’ll likely lose the toenail as a new one grows in over the next eight or ten months. Ah well.)

As soon as I got home I checked my online portal. Sure enough, the clinic had updated my vitals. Right there it said, “Body Mass Index,” and listed a number. I did a Google search, “what is a normal BMI?” Click, click, click…

“Healthy weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9.”

My Body Mass Index?


I made it by 0.01%.


From about 2005 until fairly recently I’ve always hovered around two hundred pounds, occasionally bumping up to has high as two hundred ten or two hundred fifteen. I’m down to about a hundred seventy now, and have been holding there for the past few months. I’d still like to lose another ten or fifteen pounds, but it’s being stubborn lately.

A chart of my weight loss

Yay for me!

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