Dumb Dog…

Years ago, for no apparent reason, I downloaded a version of the Blue Danube Waltz, with a twist. Get the song in your head… Here, this will help.

Okay, now imagine it was being sung by cats. “Meow meow meow meow meow… Mew mew, mew mew.”

It was a silly thing to download, but I was in a silly mood, lo those many years ago when things such as singing cats were still deemed kinda funny.

Anyway… So today it popped up on my computer’s random iTunes rotation and started playing. Superpup Buttercup was sleeping in the other room, but as soon as she heard the cats she woke up and ran into my office. She looked at my computer’s speakers, she looked at me, back to the speakers, she walked under the desk and looked around, and was generally perplexed the whole time. “Papa, I SWEAR I hear cats! Where are they?” I was smiling indulgently, laughing a bit at what simple creatures dogs are. How silly that Buttercup thought there may be a real cat in my office! Ha!

About then the next song started. The kick drum started the song, “thump thump thump thump.” Without thought I got up to go answer the door…

I swear Buttercup laughed out loud at me.

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