Friday! Hah.

Daddy Needs a New Pair of Socks

The lottery is up to $400 million. I’ve spent roughly three quarters of that in my head so far this morning.

Cause and Cure

I have figured out the cause of my insomnia. No money. I have figured out a cure for my insomnia. Money.


I hate being fat. But I hate being hungry worse.

Uphill both ways, in the snow

When I was a kid just starting out in the graphic design business I remember the shock I felt when someone provided me with a graphic for a publication that was over 100k in size. One hundred kilobytes! HUGE! I remember backing up my files later – that one graphic took most of the floppy. HUGE! Seriously, who needs a graphic with any higher resolution or size than can be had at 30k.

Now I routinely deal with photos in the 20+MB range (20,000kb) and motion design files in the 1.5GB zone (1,500,000kb), and have five 1T backup hard drives (well over 1,000,000,000kb when it’s all added up), four of which are full. I fill a 1T hard drive about every nine months or so, roughly.

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