The Politics of Facebook

It just takes one comment to ruin my day.

I discovered political science in college. My instructors had us read political theory, learn the different forms of governance, trending political ideologies. In the years since I’ve kept up with current affairs. I take this stuff very, very seriously, and I know what I’m talking about.

Years ago I was told in no uncertain terms that my views were NOT welcome on FaceBook. People didn’t want to hear my thoughts. In fact I lost a considerable amount of business due to my outspoken views on Facebook. Accordingly, I shushed. I created a small list of folks I could discuss politics with and have limited my thoughts to those select people. So I find it highly, highly irritating when the very segment of folks who castigated me years ago for speaking my mind have no problem speaking theirs – especially when their views often amount to reposting slurs and untruths.

It’s very easy to create a list of your friends who share your passions. It takes mere seconds to add someone to a list. Please, limit your political and religious posts to a list of your friends who want to hear those things – and please take me off that list.

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