The Asian Beetles are swarming! And I’m not talking about Korean folks driving VWs – I’m talking about hundreds, if not thousands, of little red bugs all all swarming our happy little home, all trying to find their way in for the winter. And the swarm is just beginning – I imagine it will be much worse in a few hours…

We do have a pest control company that comes out a couple times a year to spray our house. The little buggy bugs will soon perish – hopefully outside!

When we first moved here, just three winters ago, we had Asian Beetles way, way bad. Without exaggeration, I’d go through the house two or three times a day with our “handi-vac” thingy, vacuuming bugs up. There were specific spots where they’d congregate – around the windows, on the ceiling in our laundry room, by the tub upstairs. I’d quit often empty the vacuum bag in the toilet three or four times a day and flush thousands of beetles to their watery little graves.

In other news…

WordPress sucks because I’m stupid. And, this rules:

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  1. Dude Awesome

    Didn’t they import a bunch of frogs to help with those? When we visited my inlaws down mo-valley way they had tons of little frogs all over the place.

    Also, WordPress rules.


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