Bizzy Days

Apologies for not blogging more… Things have been moving quickly, yet not getting anywhere at all.
A week and a half ago I raided what little savings we had and got my eyes fixed (Lasik surgery rocks!). Before the surgery, this is what I’d see when I’d look out my office door:

The farther away something was, the blurrier… To the right is the door, to the left is a set of shelves… The blurry things in the middle are our table and a couple chairs, no more than fifteen feet away (if even that) — so you can imagine how bad my sight was for things that were farther away.
I’ve worn glasses or contacts since about third or fourth grade, and have never really liked them… Glasses give me headaches and contacts hurt like no one’s business if you get something in your eye. So I was happy to finally, FINALLY have the surgery! I could see 20/15 with one eye and 20/20 with the other the morning after the surgery. I still have one eye that’s noticeably sharper than the other; I’m hoping that they’ll even out over time, but I’m way happy with the results so far.
ANYway… that cost us a lot of money. My beauteous Alpine wife Dagmar was very gracious, generous, and understanding about the whole thing. So we spent all we could and borrowed the rest and I got the operation. Fine ‘n dandy — I have some nice contracts in the pipeline, so the borrowed money should be paid off soon.
But now I’m worried…
Dagmar’s been ill for the past five days or so. We went out to a comedy club last Friday (called, oddly enough, “Last Friday Comedy Club”), and Saturday she woke up with a sore throat. Sunday it was bad enough she went to Urgent Care, where they said she had strep throat and gave her some pills. By Monday she was bedridden for the most part and had entirely lost her voice. The doctor confirmed that she has a “rare version” of strep, combined with an acute respiratory infection. More pills. By Wednesday she was coughing up blood. Today she’s feeling sharp pains in her chest. The doctor’s not returning our calls; I’m getting pretty close to taking her to the hospital.
I’m worried about her health, obviously, but I’m also worried about finances… There’s just no way she can work right now, we have no savings thanks to me being selfish and getting the eye surgery, and none of my customers seem to want approve their projects so I can bill them. (“Just one more change. Just add one more little thing.” I never bill a project out until the customer’s happy. I just wish I could make them happy a bit quicker right now.)
So, instead of working and earning money this morning, here I sit writing my woes, whining to the world. I simply can’t concentrate at the moment… I’m sure the doctor will be able to fix Dagmar and I’m sure we’ll be okay financially, but these things stress me a bit. I worry and fret.
On a positive note, the dog’s tonsillitis seems to have cleared up nicely…
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12 thoughts on “Bizzy Days

  1. SkylersDad

    I had Lasik about 10 years ago, and have loved every day since. I was like you, couldn’t see far away, and hated wearing glasses to run, ski, whatever. My eyes could never handle contacts, they were overly sensitive.

    Best wishes to Dagmar for a fast recovery, I hope it isn’t anything serious.

  2. The Vegetable Assassin

    Man, that sucks about poor Dag, but it’s fantastic about your eyes. It’s not selfish to improve your health, especially since you didn’t know Dagmar was going to get sick! In fact, in the long run it’s a SAVING!

    Bah. Get well soon Dag.

  3. A

    I totally feel for you on the finances, dude. We’ll keep your lovely wife in prayer, and your finances and sanity too.

  4. Kirby

    Every once in awhile I check in here – cause I enjoy your stories and wit (Fruitloop – lol, and so appropriate). Prayers and best wishes for you and your lovely wife.


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