How to Impress Your Customers

The following is an e-mail I sent to one of my customers. She had ordered prints of her daughter’s senior pictures — I was supposed to leave them on my front porch for her to pick up, but I forgot and left them in my car. My beloved Austrian wife Dagmar helped me remedy the situation…


As you know, I forgot to put your photos on the porch. When you rang the doorbell last night, Dagmar and I were just finishing up a late supper, sitting in our jammies on the couch, eating off the coffee table. Poor Dagmar’s all concerned about having a spotless house, so when the doorbell rang she panicked! I feel bad that we made you stand on the porch… Anyway, she ran out the back door in her coat and nighty to get the photos out of the car.

Once you left, she said, “Gosh, that vas embarrassing! The poor lady nearly saw our messy house!”

“Her husband probably saw more than that,” I said.

“Vhat do you mean?”

“Did you actually get into our car, or did you just bend over and get the photos out?” I pointed to her rather short nighty.

She thought for a moment, then, “I just bent over… OH MEIN GOTT! When I went outside the motion light came on. If anyone was in the street, I mooned them!”

“Yep, I think her husband was in the car.”


I laughed so hard I about fell off the couch…

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5 thoughts on “How to Impress Your Customers

  1. D A

    … and then you blogged it for all the world to know.

    I hope you buy her roses or something…

    Although the mental image of the shock of realization on her face made me chuckle…


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