That Ominous Dark Cloud is Back

My iMac died today… It froze and wouldn’t restart. It would get to the little apple symbol on the startup screen and go no further. 

I did some diagnostics, everything checked out okay except it couldn’t figure out what kind of hard drive was in the machine. I put the system CD in with hopes of reinstalling the OS or even reformatting the drive (I back my system up on an external drive every couple days, just did it yesterday, so I wouldn’t lose much), but the installer kept telling me I didn’t have a hard drive in the computer anywhere. I told it to look under the couch, but it was adamant — no hard drive. 
So now my Mac is at the fixit shop. I hope it doesn’t cost much to fix — things are tight enough that this might be the end of my little business… 
I’m scared. 
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12 thoughts on “That Ominous Dark Cloud is Back

  1. D A

    Hey, keep us posted. In the mean time I’ll put the feelers out if you don’t mind long distance business.

    (Our church is looking to build a site, maybe…. no promises, though.)

  2. Chris

    I’m worried — I just called the shop. They’ve been working on it all afternoon… I guess it’ll be tomorrow before they’ll know anything. I hope I can pay the bill!

    DA — most of what I do is long distance, actually. I don’t know that I’ve met even a third of my customers… It’s all done via e-mail. So gosh, any business would be fantastic! (Assuming, of course, I have a computer…)

  3. Bluzlover

    The guys at Rick’s in Danbury do good work for a reasonable price. I also know a guy here in town who might look at it for you at no cost. Good luck, spring brings new opportunity!

  4. Virginia

    This happened to my faithful PC some years ago…it was terminal. I lost all my journals from the period following Caleb’s death. Needless to say I was in a grieving frenzy…beside myself.

    My heart goes out to you.

    In the end I grew from the experience…but it would be easy to cling to that sense of melencholy (sp?)…

    Hang in there…

    In Sunny Santa Fe

  5. Chris

    Yep, it’s terminal. The hard drive went out of it… I took it to the only Mac shop here in Sioux City (I never thought of taking it to the guys in Danbury). They’re putting a new drive in today… Thankfully I back things up regularly! Now I’m just hoping that my backup external hard drive works the way it’s supposed to and I can restore my files!

  6. soul pumpkin

    keeping my fingers crossed about your external hard drive…and what’s with these blogger verification words?…mine is “synci”…as in i hope your machines “synci” and talk to each other…

  7. mrsleep

    Hard Drives are finicky (is that a word?).

    I’ve had to replace our Hard Drive at home, twice in the last 3 years. The first time it happened, I had days left on my warranty.

    The second time, no such luck.

    A suggestion, contact other Web Design company’s or offering similar services. Everyone outsources, so they may have some work they could outsource your way. Plus Web Design company’s say, in California, or New York, will likely charge far heftier rates than your pricing.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  8. Chris

    Yeah, I’ve found a bunch of those — I haven’t bothered to click on any of it, but I think it’s gotta be Japanese porn or something. I’ve been deleting them as I find them.


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