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Hey, did anyone see the sun come out earlier today? Why is everyone walking around smiling and happy? Man, the birds really are singing loud all of a sudden… Something must have changed.

Just heard that a buddy of mine won the Folk Rising 2008 Album of the Year. He won 2007, too. If you get a minute, go check out Mat D.

I was elected President of the Northwest Iowa American Legion Riders last weekend. I hope I’m up to the task. It’s a good group! Nearly 140 of the best people you’d ever care to know… I hope I don’t let them down. I have lots of help, though — these guys would give the shirt off their back (and would, consequently, show lots of tattoos).

Business is slow. I’ve been running scared ever since I quit my job back in September. Does it ever get better? I’ve gotta advertise, just not sure where. Yellow Pages?

I just heard that Senator Ted Kennedy had a seizure and was taken away from the Inaugural Luncheon in a wheelchair. Think what you may of the Senator, he’s given a lot of years to public service. I wish him well, though I often didn’t agree with his views.

Classy stuff…

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8 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. KatzeKitty

    Skip the yellow pages… they’re expensive, and not the first place I’d look for graphic design or web design. Go rogue and leave fancy looking postcards in strategic places. Stick them in the lit racks between Weekenders. Leave a few in various places at the library, book stores, bulletin boards. See if the Chamber will let you put some in their lit rack. Make sure your friends/clients have some, and task them to spread them around, too.

    Be sure to include your link/tagline on any printed materials you create (I’m sure your clients wouldn’t mind that if they think they’re getting a little discount).

    Any time I need to get a little creative or (dare I say) “think outside the box”, put yourself in a different environment. Go somewhere you don’t usually go and sit with some paper. Could be a park, a coffee shop, library, some lobby somewhere.

    Good luck! Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.


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