It’s all anyone can talk about…

When the weather doohicky says -19, it’s chilly. And it’s getting colder. I can’t imagine what Minnesota and Canada is like…

Things don’t work right when it’s this cold. Cars don’t start. Windows don’t roll down. Heck, even the door on our house was frozen shut due to condensation or some such mysterious natural phenomenon.

Thankfully we’re nearly at the end of this cold snap — tomorrow’s supposed to be up in the 20’s, which is about where we’re supposed to be, then a warming trend for the weekend and next week! I haven’t been counting, but I do know it’s been over a month since I’ve been without my longjohns, two pairs of socks and two shirts. Iowa always has a cold spell every winter where it gets unnaturally cold for about a week, but it seems to me that we’ve been a bit too cold for a bit too long this year…

The dog, Zoey, scratches politely at the door, gazing soulfully at me with those big brown eyes, the phrase “I gotta pee” written all over her face. I open the door. The dog looks out and backs slowly away from the door… Ten minutes later we go through the same ritual. She just doesn’t wanna step foot out the door. And I don’t blame her.

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8 thoughts on “It’s all anyone can talk about…

  1. D A

    I so miss people who don’t complain about the cold unless it’s really cold. Around here it’s “ohh… it’s below 40, it’s SOOOO cold!” I just wanna say “suck it up you big babies! When I grew up in Nebrasky it was -120 in April and I had to walk to school in my bare feet…. uphill…. both ways…”

    But then I just start their parka on fire and walk away in my bermuda shorts.

  2. Virginia

    My first summer in the upper peninsula of Michigan(the UP – pronounced “You Pee”) we went to an organizational picnic – it was about 38 degrees out…just a fine summer day. Locals were wearing halter-tops and skimpy Daisy-Dukes (this was the 70’s). I was freezing in my thermals, flannel shirt, jeans and boots. I really got acclimated after my first winter of working on the flightline in minus-fifty weather (seriously I had to take my truck battery in the house every night!)

    One year the local 4th of July celebration was cancelled due to snow flurries!

    It’s just a fact of life…and I would rather snuggle by a fireplace and have snow days than deal with heat and humidity and creepy crawler that live there.

    FYI: my sister is not in Iowa right now – she’s sweating in Key West.

  3. soul pumpkin

    oh my…any meteorelogical comments i have might be misconstrued as gloating…he said while sipping a cold ale under a palm tree…and i’ll take all manner of creepy crawlers over frozen pipes any day

    …thinking warm thoughts for all of you being held frostage…


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