Nerved Up

I Gots No Class

I’m gettin’ kinda jittery. I’ve gotta moderate a civic leadership class tonight.

I’m not known for my moderation.

On the upside, my band’s playing afterwards! That’s always fun…

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4 thoughts on “Nerved Up

  1. The Vegetable Assassin

    Awesome on the band thing! I’ve been jamming a lot with myself lately on my keyboard. Normally I’m more a guitar person but it’s been hella fun playing with all those funky little sounds they have nowadays on those things.

    Now what’s this moderating a civic leadership meeting thing? If anyone’s qualified for THAT job, it’s YOU.

  2. SkylersDad

    How did you get roped into moderating a meeting? Rule with an iron fist Chris, make an example out of the first one who steps out of line, such as tazing them. trust me, the rest of the meeting will go swimmingly…

  3. soul pumpkin

    …no one better to lead a civic leadership thing than a rock steady bass player…actually, i think Secretary of Funkiness should be a Cabinet level position…
    …hmmm…perhaps with the new administration, one of us has a chance, Chris…


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