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  1. KatzeKitty

    Frankly, Chris, the city budget has been cut drastically in the last ten or so years, and city positions cut. The city has relatively few “outdoor maintenance” personnel.

    As citizens of the town, it’s our responsibility to make it work, not sit back and bitch that Mr. Government isn’t treating little ol’ me fairly.

    The scoop/tow laws are in place to help ensure that all citizens can get around, and that all road crews can clear the streets. I suspect your street hasn’t been cleared because there was an obstacle (car); I’ve seen the same on some streets in M’side. If you want your street plowed, get the cars off so the plows can get through.

    I get grumpy at “the system,” too (supposedly our alley is supposed to get cleared. It didn’t and is now a big chunk of ice). If the city had the funding and the manpower, things would be different. Until then, pitch in to help your neighbors as they do you. If everyone did, there’d be no problem.

    You gripe, I gripe.

    I’m going to take that ibuprofen now. I have a headache.

  2. KatzeKitty

    Oh, forgot something!

    If you see property not being cleared, report it. The city doesn’t send around snow police.

    And, you don’t know the businesses aren’t being fined/billed. They don’t post big orange signs saying so. The payment may be requested at the end of the season or tacked onto taxes.

    “I’m not one to poop on a parade”, but I get grumpy at some of your gripes. I know, that’s kind of why blogs exist. But, still. Fair and balanced. Anyway…


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