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  1. Fire Byrd

    Interesting that in most states of the US this week there has been a protest by blind people who have objected to the realise of a film about blind people not using any blind people in the film. Instead they have trained famous actors how to mimic blind people. They have also not been trained by blind people.
    In the UK there is the opportunity to drive round race tracks with a sighted person instructing you.

  2. Rob B.

    I love that. In college we had a guy that was blind in my ceramics class. i was talking about skeet shooting one day and he was talking about how it would be fun. So we took him. he didn’t hit a damn thing but he had the time of his life.

  3. Virginia

    FYI: I had a blind intsructor at university – he bow hunted and always got his deer…funny watching him lecture – he used braille notecards and would get the funniest look on his face when he rattled off a joke….

    I am leagally blind in my right eye…ocassionally this bites me in the XXX…but generally just keeps me attentive and humble….

    Life is gooooood….

    Yeah, It’s me, Your Crazy Aunt…


  4. Chris

    At one point in time I was considered
    “visually challenged.” I had 20/900 vision, color-blind, with astigmatism. I barely made it into the military, with waivers for weight (I was 119 lbs) and sight. They let me be a clerk in the National Guard. That’s my sole contribution to the United States military…

    Anyway, I ended up being a color-blind, near-sighted, astigmatic history major working as the Art Director at a printing press for 15 years… It never bit me in the @ss until just a few months ago when I quit the print shop and went freelance with web design. Now I have to pay my wife five bucks or so to look over my shoulder and tell me what colors to use in a design… We paint by number.

    But this video still verklemted me…


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