Letting ideology get in the way of common sense

I saw this fellow in downtown Sioux City today in front of the Obama campaign headquarters.

It’s odd that a man draped in the American flag would misspell the word “constitution,” but he did. Anyway, I see several odd things (!) about this.

1) Why is he protesting abortion in front of the Obama headquarters in a small town and not in front of an abortion clinic?

2) Can anyone tell me what “marital bonds” has to do with Obama’s campaign? Senator Obama has been married to the same woman for years. Senator John McCain, on the other hand, dumped his first wife for a prettier model (after numerous extramarital affairs) back in the ’70s, proving just how much marital fidelity means to him… Why isn’t this guy protesting “marital bonds” in front of McCain’s office?

3) He’s got a flag tied to his torso with a bungee cord. Section 8d of the United States Flag Code reads, “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel.” And, in Iowa, it’s illegal to use the flag this way…

“The State of Iowa makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to misuse or mutilate the U.S. or the Iowa state flag. The law also forbids the use of either flag for advertising or publicity purposes. [Iowa Code Sec. 718A.1 through 718A.6]”

I have no problem with this guy protesting abortion, but do these people really think Senator Obama’s administration will lead to women lining up in the streets to have the procedure done? Abortion is legal now, in the Bush administration. If you feel compelled to speak out against abortion, please think ahead far enough to do so in a manner that might actually help your cause rather than slinging mud. Go promote education and abstinence. Adopt a child. Make abortion unnecessary.

But please don’t promote fear and ignorance. It just promotes fear and ignorance, and we already have plenty of that.

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6 thoughts on “Dude…

  1. The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch:

    Clearly this man is over stimulated and has lost his Blackberry and is therefore unable to stay organized, spellcheck and without the GPS he has no idea where to properly protest.

    I cannot account for the bungee cord though.


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