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Hey, I can see my… um… toes again!

A month ago I went to the doctor because I couldn’t breathe through my nose and snore a lot. He promptly tested my blood for traces of pepperoni and bratwurst and stuck his finger in a strange place. He ordered a sleep study and told me my triglycerides were high. Like dangerously high.

“Most people have triglyceride levels around 150,” he said. “Yours are at 850. Your pancreas may start to fail at 900.” I’m not real sure what my pancreas does, or where it is (Cleveland?), but it sure sounds scary to have a failure as a pancreas.

So I go to the doctor ’cause I can’t breathe out my nose and he tells me I’m half dead of something else. Wunderbar.

The good news is that I’ve lost about 17 pounds since then. I’m down one notch on my belt. Yay!

To be honest, I think most of it is because since I quit working at the lousy stinky rotten print shop I’ve been riding my bicycle to all my appointments — and I have a LOT more opportunities to get out during the day and ride the bike downtown. I would have done this regardless of what the doctor says, simply ’cause I like riding my bicycle… I’m a little worried, though, that since we’ve adopted Zoey-dog I won’t be able to ride my bike so much. I try to walk the dog to the bank and post office and whatnot, but I simply don’t feel like I’m getting as much exercise walking as I did when I’d zoom around all out-of-breath on my bike.

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9 thoughts on “Things ‘n Stuff

  1. KatzeKitty

    1) Don’t blame the dog, blame Iowa’s winter weather.

    2) Get a doggie/kiddie trailer thingie for the bike. How fun would that be?

    3) I hope you’re on some kind of meds to bring the tri-g’s down. If they put you on a name brand, ask for a generic. No need to get taken to the cleaners, too.

  2. Chris

    SkyDad — “Deep fried snot.” I like that! Had it for breakfast, actually…

    Soul Pumpkin — I haven’t found myself bouncing down the road yet, but the other night on my way home from a jam session at the local pub I coulda SWORE I was riding sideways the whole way.

    Leonesse — It was a strange place, that where the finger went. A place previously untouched by human… anything.

    Pixie — I still have three months before they can get me in again. Of course I can’t go then because of insurance reasons. I’m hoping to get in by the end of the year so I can still ride my deductible, but I ain’t gonna hold my breath. I take a couple pills a day now. Odd thing is that I’ve been eating pretty healthy the past few years… Except for the two weeks prior to the blood test when I ate nothing but leftover pizza.

    KatzeSister — Last winter I rode my bicycle almost the whole way through the blizzard season (which lasts from early September through to early June, seems like). My problem is that I wanna take the doggie with me when I ride the bike ’cause I simply don’t have time to walk everywhere I go. So I’m hoping to teach her to trot alongside the bike… Could be a hard thing, though, as she chases squirrels.

    Steakbellie — Hey, thanks! I wrestled 105 pounds in high school. When I joined the National Guard I actually had to gain 12 pounds to make the 119 pound minimum. I weighed 125 or 130 when I met Dagmar ten years ago. Scared the bejeezuz outta me when I stepped on the scale last year and saw it teetering on the 200 pound mark! Not sure when I turned to blubber, but something oughta be done about this! (I think it’s the Republicans’ fault.)

  3. Virginia

    When Mark and I got our scare (when we did our pre-Peace Corps physicals) we each knocked off lots and lots of ugly flesh really fast. Three months later, the doctor redid the tests and was totally blown away at our success!

    How did we do it? We sarted measuring serving sizes, switched to more whole grains, skipped sugar and looked hard and long at the amount of fat in stuff we ate.

    We also started walking the dog twice a day, instead of once a day – great in the summer, hard work at times when the snow and ice storms hit. A couple miles AM and PM really tighten, tnes and gives us ime to talk to one another without the TV in the background or the temptation of snacks. We also walked to and frm the grocery store – you buy less if you have to tote it!

    Life is good…

    Aunt V
    In Sunny Santa Fe Where Snow’s in the Forcast

  4. katrocket

    Maybe you can start jogging (or walking faster and longer) with Zoey? I can’t afford fancy foods or a gym membership, but I recently lost 36 lbs just by eliminating junk food, walking for an hour everyday, and doing some yoga with those annoying earthy girls on early morning TV.

    Keep it up my friend!!!!


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