Yet MORE bills!

We’re never gonna get ahead…

Now we just got whapped with another bill — this one nearly $5,000! Where in the world are we gonna get the money to pay THIS? We’ve had so many medical expenses, lost work, stubborn city workers telling us we need a new $4,000 sewer, now ANOTHER $5,000 bill.

We just ain’t got the money. I don’t know how we’re gonna pay it. That’s a tenth of our annual income.

That’s what it’s gonna cost us to bail out the irresponsible millionaires who caused the bank failures. It’s gonna be $2,333 for every man, woman and child in the United States. That’s what the Bush administration wants us to pay — to GIVE — to greedy millionaires who have a proven track record of failure.

How did this mess come about? Deregulation. The Republicans in power have constantly thumped the “regulations get in the way of a free market” drum for years. The result? The Sago Mine disaster. Bank failures. Record high gas prices and record high profits for the oil industry. One of the leaders of deregulation? Arizona Senator John McCain.

The rules were there for a reason, dammit! Now my wife and I will be $4,666 poorer as a DIRECT consequence of ultra-rich businessmen’s greed.

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6 thoughts on “Yet MORE bills!

  1. SkylersDad

    Not to mention what we have all flushed down the toilet already in an illegal and immoral war!

    You know me, and I support the troops more than most, but this is the biggest sucking chest wound ever!

  2. D A

    When I heard that on the news I went weak in the knees. How could they even consider it an option for taxpayers to bail out failed businesses?

    Oh, and by the way, a good chunk of the 700 billion will go to pay severence packages for outgoing management – millions to each.

    So the lesson? make bad business decisions, let the government cover your investors and retire with millions. Or, to put it more distinctly – cr*p on the taxpayers from your yacht.

  3. soul pumpkin

    700 billion dollar blank check to one man with no oversight from courts or administrative bodies…paying all those rascal fatcats after they’ve fleeced the populace is like making a rape victim pay for the evidential rape kit…absolutely insane…and they want to gamble with everyone’s social security money…holy shite!


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