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Seems to me that everything I’ve seen of the National Conventions follows a trend. The Democrats promise things and want to try new ideas, while all the Republicans seem to do is throw rocks at the Democrats. It follows in the TV ads, too — the Obama ads are all about explaining his ideas and policies, while the McCain ads are all about tearing Obama down.

The e-mails I’m getting are alarming, too — I’m starting to see e-mails that are blatantly racist. One had a cartoon of Senator Barack Obama standing with his bags, obviously moving into the White House. He’s next to a sign that says, “WHITE House,” and he says, “Well, THAT’S gotta change.” I’ve seen quite a few saying, “Watch out or we’ll have a Muslim in the White House,” some of which go on to mention Senator Obama’s Christian Minister. These kind of e-mails and misinformation only serve one purpose — to frighten the ignorant. From the amount of e-mails like this I see, we have an awful lot of frightened, ignorant people on the Internet these days.

I know they’re probably out there, but I’ve not seen one single e-mail bashing Senator John McCain. The Democrats simply don’t follow that playbook to the extent the Republicans do. The Democrats chant “change,” and compare Obama’s policies with McCain’s, but they don’t resort to character attacks. Again, this is just what I’m seeing, but it seems to ring true.

I’m glad the conventions are over and the veeps have been chosen. I’m getting tired of the circus, to be honest. The anxiety that we may face four more years of unsound economic policies and four more years of a Presidential Administration cutting veterans’ benefits is getting to me.

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  1. Leonesse

    As a woman who knows how to skin a deer and who has been in the forest with loggers and has a father who loves Nascar, I have also read up on Ms Palin. I encourage all others to do the same. This is scary times, my friend. Her community college educated (alright, 4 different colleges), Iraq is god’s will, abstinence only policies will be one small 72yr old step away from running our country.

    I am really not liking our choices here. Not at all. Why is there only two?


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